The Rainbow Book
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1. Introduction

  Welcome to Rainbow Book! (18 KB: PDF)
  Hawaii Medical Home Implementation Project (58 KB: PDF)
  What's a Medical Home? (143 KB: PDF)

2. Services for children age 0-5 with developmental or behavioral concerns

  Referrals for Young Children with Developmental/Behavioral Concerns
(67 KB: PDF)
  DOH - H-KISS/Early Intervention Section (758 KB: PDF)
  DOH - Preschool Developmental Screening Program (298 KB: PDF)

DOE - Special Education (315 KB: PDF)

3. Health and related services for children

  Hawaii Community Genetics - Genetic Clinics (16 KB: PDF)
  Shriners Hospitals for Children, Honolulu (377 KB: PDF)
  Hawaii Lions Foundation Uninsured-Underinsured Fund for Hearing/Vision Services (390 KB: PDF)

DOH - Children with Special Health Needs Program (312 KB: PDF)

  DOH - Newborn Metabolic Screening Program (394 KB: PDF)
  DOH - Newborn Hearing Screening Program (175 KB: PDF)
  DOH - Respite Program (631 KB: PDF)
  DOH -Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Services (562 KB: PDF)

DOH - Public Health Nursing Branch (1 MB: PDF)

4. Services for children & adults with developmental disabilities/mental retardation or neurotrauma injury

  DOH - Case Management & Information Services Branch (Developmental Disabilities Division) (52 KB: PDF)
  DOH - Neurotrauma Supports (Developmental Disabilities Division)
(269 KB: PDF)
  Real Choices (68 KB: PDF)

5. Services for children/youth age 3-18 with serious emotional/behavioral concerns

  DOH - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division (835 KB: PDF)

6. Children & Medicaid/QUEST - applying, finding a dentist, other

  Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) (102 KB: PDF)
  Applying for Medicaid/QUEST coverage for children (1.4 MB: PDF)
  Finding a dentist for a child with Medicaid/QUEST coverage (451 KB: PDF)
  Neighbor Island travel arrangements (Medicaid Fee-for-Service) (22 KB: PDF)
  Medicaid waiver services (36 KB: PDF)

7. Other Resources

  Keiki 'O Hawaii (1 MB: PDF)
  SPIN - Special Parent Information Network (1 MB: PDF)
  Parent Line (34 KB: PDF)
  PATCH (354 KB: PDF)
  Aloha United Way 211 (244 KB: PDF)
  Websites (33 KB: PDF)

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