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  Pediatric Priorities 2015 and Beyond (81KB: PDF file: 1 PG: posted 04.28.15)
  HAAP Vaccine Refusal Position Paper (53KB: PDF file: posted 05.26.11)
  Pediatric Weight Management 2008 (57 KB: PDF file: posted: 01.04.08)
  Developmental Surveillance and Screening (37 KB: PDF file: posted 02.13.07)
  Child Health Care in Hawaii 2006 (368 KB: PDF file: posted 03.23.06)
  Antibiotic Suspensions: Position Paper, December 9, 2005 (posted 12.20.05)
RSV Prophylaxis Position Paper (101 KB: PDF file; posted 05.14.05)
  Graduated Driver's Licenses (22 KB: PDF file)
  The Obesity Epidemic - Weight Management for Children and Youth
(20 KB: PDF file)
  Soft Drinks in Schools (20 KB: PDF file)
  Physical Fitness in Schools (20 KB: PDF file)